Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Pictures

We needed to get Emmaline's 1-year and Gabrielle's 3 1/2-year pictures done. Since Jacob was 2 1/2 weeks old, we have always had the kids pictures taken at Penney's. Today we decided to try some place new and went to Portrait Innovations. I was so impressed with the quality of the pictures we got and the amount of time the photographer spent with us (1 1/2 hours!). We had 82 shots to choose from, they edited them and added borders to our liking right on the spot, and it only took 15 minutes to get our order. They are a little pricey if you don't stick to the $9.95 package, but to me, the price is worth it to get great shots of our kids. Here are the ones we ordered (The following pics. are unedited. Don't worry, I was able to narrow it down from 82!):


5 1/4 years old

(He just had his pictures taken in Novemer, which is why he doesn't have as many shots.)


3 1/2 years old


1 year old

This final picture is of Gabrielle and her newest self-inflicted injury. For those of you that know her, she is not the most coordinated child. She is always tripping over or falling off something...we're attributing her "gracefulness" to her long legs (must take after her mommy!). As she was walking off the backdrop after taking her last picture today, she tripped over Jacob's foot and slid her face across the rug. She now has quite a nasty rugburn on her face and knee. See for yourself:


Emily said...

Wow, you DID get alot of good shots. I think that since I went there at Christmas, I may have been more rushed than they would normally do, even though I still liked it better than Penney's. I think we'll go there for Katy's 2 year/ baby's 3 month, and I bet it will be better.

corinneyb said...

Thanks for sharing, Jen! I love the shot of Emmy on her tummy with her feet kicked up. I'll have to look into this place...Penny's is almost more hassle than it's worth. Did you scan the photos, or did you purchase digital images?