Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Young's Dairy

Even though it was windy, we decided to head to Young's Dairy with my parents today. On the way, we stopped at Arby's to have lunch. Then we drove to Young's to see the animals and eat ice cream. The kids only played on the tractors for a couple of minutes because the wind was so strong and cold. Despite the weather, we had a good time together.

Our last name spelled out in curly fries...note the irony!

Emmaline shares her blanket with a goat

Jacob feeds the goat he nicknamed "Beardy"

Gabrielle liked feeding the babies (and there were lots of them!).

While we were in the barn, they were cleaning out one of the goat stalls, so those goats had free reign of the barn. The kids thought it was fun to chase and be chased by the goats.

Gabrielle and Jacob enjoy ice cream with Papaw.

Emmaline, Mimi, and Jacob

Me, Gabrielle, and Jacob

On the walls of the dining room at Young's, they have tons of pictures of people wearing Young's Dairy t-shirts. Some pictures were taken locally and some are from far out, even obscure, places. We sat down in a booth in the corner and I mentioned to Mom that my friend, Emily, had sent in a picture of herself wearing her Young's shirt on her honeymoon. As we were eating, Mom was reading all the places the various pictures were from, when lo, and behold, Emily's picture was right above us. I took a picture of it with my phone and sent it to her. She was so surprised because she never knew whether they had put it up or not. I've included the picture here for your enjoyment too!

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