Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snow Day from Church

It doesn't happen often, but today church was cancelled due to the snow. The storm ended last night and the roads were pretty clear today, so we met Mom and Dad for lunch at Frisch's and then headed to their house to play in the snow. The kids built their first-ever snowman and had fun sledding and throwing snowballs. In between playing outside, I got my fill of watching the Food Network (I love this channel, but we don't have cable!). After yummy pizza from Joe's, we headed home. Ellie fell asleep before we ate dinner and woke up only long enough to change into her jammies and then head to bed. Today wore everyone out, so hopefully we sleep well tonight since we lost an hour of sleep due to the time change last night.

11 inches of snow!
Emmy and me with the snowman
(apparently he was paying tribute to Ohio State with his OSU hat and red gloves and scarf!)
Jacob climbs the rope ladder
Ellie tries to swing on the rings
Emmaline was pretty content to watch from her stroller
Gabrielle goes tubing (this was taken moments before she ran into Freckles)
Uncle Andy shows them how it's done
Jacob's turn
Nailing Uncle Andy with a well-deserved snowball


During round 2 of playing outside, Emmaline and Papaw watched from the dining room window
Deconstruction of a snowman (those are Jacob's arms and legs!)

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Emily said...

That's what Uncle Andy gets for wearing short sleeves!