Friday, March 21, 2008

World Down Syndrome Day

Happy World Down Syndrome Day! It is so nice to have this day set aside to honor those we know with Down syndrome. It took me a little while last year to figure out why they chose March 21 to be World Down Syndrome Day every year, but then it dawned on me...DUH! People with Down syndrome are born with 3 of the 21st chromosome, hence the significance of celebrating on 3-21.

We've made so many friends through the Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association and we honor every one in our group. Today is extra special for us though, because we especially honor our daughter, Emmaline, and our niece, Kayla. This time last year, I wasn't looking at their disorder as a blessing, but God has done a lot of growing in me this past year. Now, I can truly celebrate their uniqueness and their importance. What a special blessing these two little girls are to our family and to everyone that they meet. If I could stress one thing to everyone, it would be not to underestimate those who are differently-abled. God made them just as He intended and our world would be a very sad place if we didn't have them.

We love you, Emmaline and Kayla! We are so glad that God blessed us with you!

Emmaline Kate
13 months old today!

Kayla Ann Marie
4 1/2 years old

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Gwen Ernst said...

What an sweet tribute about your daughter and neice. Praising God with you for the masterpiece He created in Emmy! She is blessed to have you as her mommy.