Monday, March 3, 2008

A Warm, Blustery Day

Knowing that colder weather lay ahead of us for the rest of the week, I headed to the park with the kids today. My parents met us there and we had a great time. It was sunny, 65 degrees, and just a tad windy. You actually didn't notice the wind too much until you got closer to the lake at the far side of the park. The kids played on the playground, chased geese, walked around the lake with us, and then played some more. After our play day, my parents treated us to lunch at Penn Station...yummy! Here are some of the highlights of the day:

Emmaline loved being pushed around in her stroller

Gabrielle and Papaw

Walking around the lake...You can't tell from this angle, but everyone is actually walking backwards, trying to keep the wind out of their faces. It was really strong on the far side of the lake!

Strike a pose

Papaw and Jacob

Ellie loved swinging high in the baby swing

This was when Jacob painfully realized that baby swings are not made for growing boys. His exact quote: "My groin hurts!"

Poor Emmy never got a chance to swing. She was sound asleep before we finished our walk.


Dan Ernst said...

This is Delco park, isn't it? Funny thing, I was going to be there on Monday. My friend and I were going to meet up after I dropped Lydia off at preschool. She cancelled on me as her son ended up falling asleep, so I met another friend and we walked around Lincoln park. Well, we mostly sat and talked while Claire walked around...she HATED being pushed in the stroller with all the strong wind. If you ever wanna meet up in the spring at some parks, I'm up for it! This family is a big fan of local parks!

BTW, too funny on the comment Jacob made. =)

Gwen Ernst said... sorry. I keep forgeting to check and make sure I am the one posting my comments, and not my hubby. Ah was me, GWEN, wanting to meet you at the park. hehe