Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Good Week at CVS

CVS is turning into one of my favorite places to shop. Today, they actually paid me to shop in their store. I did 3 different transactions to get the deals above.

First, I filled a prescription for ear drops for Emmaline. I had a coupon that earned me a $25 gift card because it was a new prescription.

Second, I purchased:
2 colgate toothbrushes on sale for 2/$3 and used a $1 off coupon
2 tubes of colgate total on sale for 2/$3 and used 2 $1 off coupons
3 pkgs. adult benadryl on sale for $4.99 each and used 3 $1 off coupons
2 pkgs. kids benadryl on sale for $4.99 each and used a $1 off coupon
3 pkgs. hershey's snack-size milk chocolate bars $1 each
2 pkgs. snack-size kit-kats $1 each
2 pkgs. trident gum $2 each
1 pkg. snack-size york peppermint patties $1
2 CVS sunscreen (B1G1 50% off) $11.98 used $2/$10 CVS products coupon
1 Aleve gelcaps for $8.99 used $1 off couon
1 4-pk CVS toilet paper

used $5 in ECBs and $25 gift card and paid $32.63 out of pocket. I also earned $4 ECBs for the Aleve, and $5 ECBs for the candy and gum. I should have earned $10 for completing the Benadryl deal, but the computer didn't print it out, so they gave me back $10 in cash instead.

Transaction #3 is when CVS paid me to shop. I bought two 3-drawer carts to store our homeschool supplies in. They were B1G1 free (normally $15.99 each), then I used $9 in ECBs, and a $2/$10 CVS coupon. My total came to $5.34. I used the $10 bill that CVS gave me (when the computer didn't print my ECBs) to pay for this, and made $4.66.

In all, I got the above items for a grand total (after coupons, gift card, and ECBs) for $27.97. The carts alone would normally have cost me $31.98, so I think I did pretty well!

Moral of the Story:
This is the second time that I've earned ECBs and the register hasn't printed them out. Always make sure to check your receipts before leaving the store. The Benadryl was part of the Johnsons and Johnsons deal where if you spent $20 you earned $10 in ECBS. When the register didn't print the ECBs, I asked the cashier why. She said that Benadryl wasn't made by Johnsons because the pkg. said Pfizer (apparently they are part of the same company though). I had to go get the tags for both Benadryl items off the shelf to prove that I had indeed purchased the items needed to earn the ECBs. So, always check your receipts and always make sure you can prove you earned your ECBs. By the way, the cashier, Lori, was really great and very apologetic about the problems I had that day. If you're ever at the CVS on Dorothy La/Wilmington Pk., make sure you tell Lori "Hi!"

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