Monday, July 7, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

Today was supposed to be an outing to the Columbus Zoo with our friends from home group, but no one else could make it, so we went to the Cincinnati Zoo with my parents instead. We bought a pass there this year and were excited to use it for the first time. It was hot, but there were misters throughout the zoo to help cool us down. It was nice knowing that we didn't have to see everything in one trip because we can come back whenever we want.

Playing in the misters

Finding out the kids' weight in bugs

Jacob checks his wingspan

Mom, Emmaline, and Dad on the train

Jacob and Daddy

Mommy, Emmy, and Ellie

Mom and Ellie on the Carousel

Jacob was so excited to ride on the bald eagle

This picture made the whole day worth it.
Emmaline giggled each time the horse went up and down and wore this smile during the entire ride.


Becky :) said...

Emmie has an amazing smile! What a blessing!
By the way, Mom dropped off some strwawberry shortcake stuff for you, we should get together for a playdate this week so I can give it to you. How about lunch one day?

Kelsey said...

We love the Cincy Zoo, but isn't it sooo difficult to navigate? I think all the hills make the map misleading.

We let our pass lapse at the end of June because Michael is not a fan of his car seat/stroller, making the zoo a difficult outing this year. We'll probably try again in '09.