Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Day in Waynesville...and a Parade!

Since Katie was in town for the holiday weekend, we decided to head to Waynesville to have lunch and do some shopping. When we pulled into this little town, it was extremely crowded because they were getting ready for their 4th of July parade. We almost left, but then decided to put our name in for lunch and see how things went from there. The restaurant where we went (The Hammel House Inn) has a front porch and they sat us there by the railing so that we could watch the parade while we ate. It was the perfect place to see everything and we enjoyed some really yummy food (especially the onion rings) while we watched. There were police cars, fire trucks, tractors, and lots of other things to see. I was so glad we decided to bring the kids with us today! After the parade, we did some shopping and then went to Village Family Restaurant for their delicious peanut butter pie. Isn't it funny how spur-of-the-moment plans turn out to be some of the most fun?!

Jacob, Mimi, and Emmaline

Me, Katie, and Gabrielle

Jacob loved seeing the different fire trucks and tractors

Ellie points at something cool

Stopping for a drink

Jacob and Ellie take a break

To keep the sun off Emmaline, we covered the stroller with a light blanket. She kept peeking out from under it so she could see what was going on.

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