Monday, July 28, 2008

Emmy's Day at the Hospital

Emmaline had surgery to get tubes put in both ears today. She came through the procedure really well and is back to her happy self for the most part this evening. Thanks for your prayers for our littlest one! Here are the highlights of the trip:

Helping Daddy play Pac-Man while we wait to check in

Daddy reading a book to Emmy

Trying out the bed

Emmaline loved riding this car up and down the hallways. She was quite the little ham waving and smiling at everyone she met. This car was such a hit that we might have to get one for home too!

Nurse Melissa puts on Emmy's ID bracelet

Getting dressed for surgery

Mommy and Emmaline snuggle after the procedure

Enjoying Cheerios and apple juice before heading home

1 comment:

Emily said...

I'm so glad that things went well. Such a trooper! And that pac man reminds me of pizza hut. :)