Friday, July 11, 2008

Can we say school supplies?!

While shopping in Wal-mart today, I happened upon an awesome deal on school supplies. I haven't even looked at our homeschool curriculum to see what we need, so I just got the basics.
Here's what I bought:

20 spiral notebooks: 5 cents each = $1
2 boxes 12-count colored pencils: 88 cents each = $1.76
8 boxes 24-count crayons: 22 cents each = $1.76
2 2-pack glue sticks: 22 cents each = $.44
3 boxes 24-count pencils: 92 cents each = $2.76
1 pkg. pencil-top erasers: $.97
3 2-pack pink erasers: 97 cents each = $2.91
2 boxes 10-count markers = 88 cents each = $1.76

Grand total: $13.36

This should last us awhile!

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Kelsey said...

I noticed your comment about story time on my pay it forward post and I thought I would mention that our library branch continues story time throughout the summer. It's on Far Hills in Kettering. If you guys are missing story time, email me and I can let you know the schedule or send you a link to the library page!

kelseyjane (at) hotmail (dot) com

(Plus it would be so fun to meet you there!)