Thursday, July 17, 2008

MVDSA Cook-out and Ice Cream Social

This evening we went to a cook-out and ice cream social for the Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association. The food was good and we had lots of friends to visit with. It was extremely hot (even at 6:30 pm), so the ice cream was extra yummy!

Jacob and Ellie on the slide
Jacob spent lots of time in the bounce house

Ellie doesn't really like to bounce, so she was content to walk on the wall instead.

Thanks to Daddy, Jacob had his first taste of Mountain Dew.
His comment: "Hey, this tastes like Sprite!"

Enjoying our ice cream sundaes

Ellie's favorite part is always the cherry

Emmy made up a game to play with Daddy's nametag. She would take it off his shirt, put it on her shirt, then take it off her shirt and drop it on the ground. Daddy would pick it up, put it back on his shirt, and the game would start again.

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Stephany said...

That looks like it was a ton of fun! Is this an annual event, or do they do this regularly?
I'm so glad that they do things like this! Super great for the families too!