Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Visit to Boonshoft and a Planetarium Show

Nathan hadn't seen the "Chinasaurs" exhibit at the children's museum yet, so we headed there with the kids today. They had lots of fun playing and showing Daddy around. We decided to take the kids to their first planetarium show while we were there. It was called "The Sky Tonight" and showed constellations that we could pick out where we live. Ellie, Emmaline, and I all fell asleep at one point or another during the show, if that tells you anything about how interesting it was.

Jacob looks for dinosaur bones

Ellie liked covering the bones up

The alligator snapping turtle takes a breath. You don't see this very often because they can stay under water for 2 hours at a time.

Daddy and Emmaline look at the Stegosaurus

Jacob and Daddy by an Allosaurus

Jacob, Mommy, and Emmaline
Ready for the planetarium show

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