Monday, November 3, 2008

Another Tooth, Another Dollar

Last night, Jacob lost another tooth. This is his second one in three weeks. His new tooth is halfway through already, so there isn't too much of a hole. Although he doesn't believe in the Tooth Fairy, he is still excited to find $1 under his pillow in the morning.

This picture was taken this morning. Jacob wanted me to take a picture of him and the Lego robot he made today (the arms and legs even move!). If you have a son, be sure to invest in lots of Legos. While finding small pieces everywhere is annoying, they also keep boys occupied for hours. He amazes me with the stuff he comes up with on his own. My mind is limited to houses and the occasional car, but they look pretty sad compared to his creations.


Pam said...

How exciting to lose two teeth in a month! I bet he loved finding the dollar.
Thanks for the tip on "Lego" - how old do you think a child needs to be before they like to play with that stuff?
I liked your comment on my blog too - I have some very dear & best friends with different political views that me - we just promise never to talk about it when we socialise!
Good luck with NaBloPoMo

Jen said...

Pam, Most Lego sets say that a child should be at least 5, but Jacob started playing with them when he was 4. Lego has out a larger set of blocks called "Duplo" for kids 2 and up. Jacob started with those and absolutely loved them. I would say that once a child has stopped putting everything in their mouth, the smaller Legos should be safe...don't hold me liable if something happens though. =)

Trish said...

Hi Jen - Thanks for your comment over on the "other" three's company!

I think it's pretty funny that we have the exact same blog name and background! What are the odds?!

Emily said...

Oh, I'm in so much trouble. Katy has a set of mega blocks that she is currently obsessed with. But I get so bored because I can't think of anything to build besides a tower! I find myself saying, "Daddy will play blocks with you when he gets home." So if David is headed toward Legos I'm in for it...

Stephany said...

I am not looking forward to my children loosing their teeth. It grossed me out when it happened to ME!

by the way, can you email me your email address? Thanks!

the voice of melody said...

The tooth fairy pays the same amount when she comes to our house so that's good! My son also knows she's not for real but he still plays along. :)

Many sweet blessings!