Monday, November 24, 2008

Emmaline's New Doctor

Today we met with Emmaline's new developmental pediatrician. We had been driving to Cincinnati a couple times a year to see someone else, but she's retiring, so we figured it was time to switch to someone closer. I was really impressed with Dr. Kasten and her staff. The appt. took over an hour as they reviewed Emmy's history and observed her skills. It was nice to hear from a professional about all the positive things they see in Emmaline's development. I think she's doing great, but I'm just her mom, so I'm a little biased. The only recommendation they gave today was to start speech therapy. Dr. Kasten said to wait until after the holidays (thank God!), and we'd planned to start when she was 2 (which will be in February), so the timing will work out nicely. We're hoping to get in where she takes physical therapy so we only have to make one trip/week and kill two birds with one stone. I'll keep you posted on her progress.

Happy Girl
Pardon the messy face, but she loved her bean burrito from Taco Bell!


Gwen Ernst said...

"But I am just her mom..." I had to smile at that, Jen. I find that the moms tend to be the ones who are right on target with their intuitions and thoughts about their child. BTW, she is so sweet in that picture...I love her big smile!

PAM said...

Bean burritos have the same effect on my husband!
I'm so glad you like your new doctor - it's so important.
Happy Thanksgiving guys!