Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lunch at Marion's

We met Nathan's extended family for lunch today at Marion's. His Aunt Jean, Uncle Nick, and cousin Brent were in town from Colorado, so it was nice to visit with them. We didn't take many pics., but for some reason, Emmaline was quite the ham and we got several good ones of her.

Sitting with Grandma


Gotta love that pizza face and cheesy smile!

What is it with boys always making silly faces?

And girls too, for that matter?!


PAM said...

Your kids are great - always look so cheerful and funny. That second picture of Emmaline should be a contender for your Christmas card.

Jen said...

Pam - That's funny because I said the exact same thing to my mom about Emmaline's picture. I'd have to change it to black and white though to hide the pizza sauce on her shirt!