Friday, November 28, 2008

Maid Service

Normally, Mom, Katie, and I head to a holiday craft show the day after Thanksgiving. It didn't seem right going without Katie this year, so we decided to go to Cincinnati and clean Katie's apartment to surprise her when she returns from South Africa tomorrow. Dad, Andy, and Alora came with us too. We dusted, swiffered, mopped, scrubbed, and washed until everything shined. After that was done, we went to the grocery to get milk, eggs, bread, and juice to tide her over until she can make her own trip. To reward ourselves for our hard work, we ate a late lunch at Don Pablo's. Our server, Brian, was hilarious and provided great entertainment during our meal.

Dad and Andy put plastic over Katie's porch windows since she doesn't have storm windows

Andy ran the vacuum (with some help from Alora and I to make sure he did a good job)

After the cleaning was done, we put up Katie's Christmas tree

We also turned down her bed and left a small bag of mints on her pillow


PAM said...

What a WONDERFUL and thoughtful thing to do for your sister. I bet she'll be over the moon to find it like that when she gets home.

Stephany said...

You guys think of the best ideas! What a sweet family you all are! She will be so surprised!!! I will pray that she has a safe travel back to the states, today!