Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Katie's Send-off

Katie leaves for a mission trip to South Africa bright and early tomorrow morning and will be gone until November 29th. Her church had a send-off meeting tonight, so Mom, Dad, Jacob, Emmaline, and I headed down to Cincinnati to spend the afternoon with her and attend the meeting. It was supposed to be a family day, but Nathan started running a fever last night and Ellie came down with some sort of stomach virus. Anyway, Katie's group has a blog that they will be updating daily. Click HERE if you'd like to follow their progress. Please pray for her safety and ministry while she is there. I know she would appreciate it, as this trip really takes her out of her comfort zone. I can't wait to hear stories and see pictures when she returns.

Katie and Jacob enjoying pizza at Dewey's

Katie's church is HUGE and they had a great indoor play area for the kids.

Emmaline practiced taking steps on her own while Jacob played

Mom, Katie, and Dad

Katie, Jacob, Me, Emmaline, and Andy

Emmy liked carrying around this picture of herself that Aunt Katie had

Almost done packing

Jacob watched a movie while Mom and I helped Katie pack

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